The following As Seen on TV products are seasonal and only available months out of the year. This month you’ll be able to buy these garden products that can make your garden beautiful, attract birds, bare fruit while saving you money and more. The following plants are easy to grow. Just add water and watch them grow. Since these offers are only available for months out of the year we suggest you take advantage of them while they last.


This is why Little Giant Blueberries has been a top selling As Seen on TV product since it1 started airing its first infomercial. Everyone loves blueberries but nobody likes spending outrageous prices at the supermarket. Blueberries can cost up to $10/pack. But one of these giant blueberry plants will bare up to 4 pints of blueberries per day. For $10 or the equivalent to the cost of what some grocery stores are charging you can own 3 Little Giant Blueberry Plants. That’s a $30 value for just $10. Not only can you grow countless blueberries but you can also enjoy the health benefits,  prevent cancer, improve memory, fight belly fat and more.


This tomato tree has been referred to as either Giant Tomato or Tomato Giant. This gardening product has been a veteran on the As Seen on TV scene and it’s probably because it’s such a popular seller. You can easily grow juicy tomatoes the size of grapefruits right at home. These tomato trees grow up to 8 feet tall and can product up to 60 pounds of extra large tomatoes. Whether you’re new or an expert gardener you’ll appreciate the Giant Tomato Tree. Take advantage of the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE offer here on As Seen on TV Canada today!

indoor banana treeINDOOR BANANA TREE

Bananas are the world’s favorite food and now you can grow them in your own home. Indoor Banana Tree lets you harvest dozens of sweet bananas which end up costing you only pennies each. Not only do you get delicious bananas to eat but these tropical plants are also beautiful for your home. These plants are perfect for gardeners or fruit lovers. Take advantage of this special Buy 1 Get 1 FREE offer while it lasts.

flowering cherry hedgeFLOWERING CHERRY HEDGE

Cherries are some of the most expensive fruits and with the Flowering Cherry Hedge you can now grow cherries at home. What makes these plants so special is that not only do they bare delicious cherries by the bowlful but are turn into beautiful plants when they bloom. It grows in any condition and erupts into a 5 foot high wall of flowers. Act now and buy the Flowering Cherry Hedge for only $10. Buy 2 Get 2 FREE while offer is still available.

lavender garden


Lavender Garden is the perfect perennial plant for any garden or lawn. It stays alive year after year. Enjoy the fresh smell every spring from these beautiful plants are perfect for any deck or patio. It can survive through the freezing weather and blossom year after year. Make your clothes or linens smelling fresh by making sachets from these flowers. Order today and you’ll get 6 plants for just $10.