ahh bra canadaLets take a look at two popular bras on the market now the Ahh Bra and the Genie Bra. Both are advertised as the most comfortable bra ever for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

But which one is better when comparing the Ahh Bra vs. the Genie bra? How do the differences outweigh the similarities? And ultimately, which ones offers the most comfort, and the best bra for your dollar?


Beginning with the similarities, it can be said that both the Ahh Bra and the Genie Bra offer bras with no under wires, and neither bra has hooks or adjustable straps. Both were made to conform to your body shape. Both type of bras are also seamless. And the material in both types is 96 percent nylon, 4 percent spandex.

So far, everything sounds fairly similar. Advertisements for both talk about their wide shoulder straps that never need adjusting. Each are guaranteed to fit and wear like a second skin. Care and maintenance is basically the same as both are machine washable and can be tossed in the dryer.

Both claim to maintain their shape and continue to conform to your body no matter how many times they are washed and dried. They come out just the same way as they were when you put them in the washer and dryer. If you lose or even gain weight, the Ahh Bra and the Genie Bra still conform to your shape, so there is no need to purchase additional bras in a smaller or bigger size.


You can wear the Ahh Bra and the Genie Bra as a camisole top. While both bras offer support and comfort, the Ahh Bra also eliminates back fat. Thats one difference right there.

What about their other differences? How does the Ahh Bra differ from the Genie Bra? Or are they really just the same bra, only with different names? Originality is the first thought that comes to mind. The Ahh Bra came first.

The sizing charts for the two bras are different. The website for the Genie Bra includes cup size when sizing the bra; the website for the Ahh Bra doesnt. Genie Bra size for the smallest bra is XS/S which correlates to a bust size 31-35, or a shirt size 2,4 or a bra size 32A or 32B. The Ahh Bras XS only needs to correlate to your top size of a 0 or 2. This is much less complicated for many people to figure out.

Especially considering its easier to compare a top size M with a bra size M. That makes the Ahh Bra easier to figure out in terms of which size to purchase when looking at the Ahh Bra vs. the Genie Bra. No mathematical formulas are necessary with the Ahh Bra for figuring out your size. And theres no need to worry about your bust size, either.

If you find you need extra support, its possible to wear two Ahh Bras at the same time, without feeling bulky or cumbersogenie bra canadame. Those who have done some research on the two types of bras discovered that younger women prefer the Ahh Bra over the Genie Bra for fit and comfort. There are some women who felt the Genie Bra made their breasts look saggy, and not well supported. Others felt their breasts appeared flat while wearing the Genie Bra.

The Ahh Bra is ideal for full figured women, unlike the Genie Bra, based on reviews given by full figured women who have tried both. The Ahh Bra is also considered the more comfortable of the two bras. With no more pinching and poking and pulling from underwires, adjustable straps, fasteners, and all the other inconveniences of regular bras, the Ahh Bra delivers more than comfort it delivers support, and is also flattering to ones shape. Some women complain that the bottom band of the Genie Bra rolls up, which can be uncomfortable.

Which One Is Better?

Real time results show why the Ahh Bra outperforms the Genie Bra and all the other competitors time and time again. For women who have tried both, hands down the winner is the Ahh Bra for comfort and perfect fit each day it is worn.  The Ahh Bra vs. the Genie Bra our choice, hands down, is the Ahh Bra!