It’s almost the 2014 and many people will be planning on being more health conscious as their new years resolutions after pigging out on holiday treats. New Years resolutions usually boost gym memberships but people quickly get discouraged getting into a new routine of finding time to get to the gym. While these best intentions average about a 15% growth for most gyms after a few months these members tend to drop off as they lose interest and beging to find excuses.

As Seen on TV Canada has a range of fitness products that can help kick start a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine to transform anyone into their best shape ever from cooking appliances, workout dvd’s and fitness equipment. Let’s take a look at a few popular infomercial products that can help you trim belly fat in the new year, tone and shape your body and build some muscle.

1Butterfly Abs Ab Toning Device

If you get a sore back or tired of doing traditional sit-ups or crunches you’ll love this abdominal toning device. Similar to the Flex Belt, this product uses EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) technology to cause muscles to contract and relax while giving your stomach muscles a great workout. Unlike the Flex Belt this device is much more inexpensive. You can use it while shopping, at home watching TV, at the office, while cooking or anywhere. It’s portable and compact and available for just $39.95 plus shipping and handling.

P90X3 Workout System

Beachbody just recently introduced another part of the P90X series – P90X3. In this 902 day program, Tony Horton coaches you through high intensity 30 minute workouts that are guaranteed to help you build muscle, lose weight and get in shape. The P90X3 delivers new routines and moves that are effective for any fitness level whether they are a beginner or already in great shape. Tony Horton introduces a mix of MMA, Pilates and Yoga inspired workouts that will help you get stronger, leaner and more flexible. The P90X3 is the perfect way to get your body in shape after the holidays.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

3Of course to help you get in the best health and shape possible you’ll also need to watch your eating habits. If you’re looking to prepare healthy meals, shakes and snacks As Seen on TV Canada recommends the Ninja Mega Kitchen System. This kitchen appliance is a blender, food processor and single serve blending in one professional unit. It includes a 1500 watt motor and 72 source pitcher perfect for making healthy recipes. Cooking can be fun, easy and mess-free with the Ninja Mega Kitchen System.


So whether you’re looking to tone your abs, find a great workout routine or make yourself a healthy recipe you’ll fine an array of products in our health, fitness and kitchen categories.

Best of luck and Happy New Years from As Seen on TV Canada!